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Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

NubaERP is all you need in one ERP system; we implement your resource planning by integrating all your processes needed with a single system. Every industry requires a custom solution, so our team can customize ERP to meet your business expectation.

Special Modules

Accounting Management System


Fixed Assets

The fixed Asset Management system is all in one solution for asset inventory control, automatic depreciation, general ledger integration, reporting and effectively managing assets. Nubasoft FA system is specially designed for an effective and accurate control on fixed assets, from its initial acquisition to disposal, including the gains or losses thereof. Flexible and periodic calculation of depreciation is available to support all depreciation method applied in different types of business. Moreover, its tracking function can capture important information in an instant. For example, it helps identify assets moved from one location to another, assets under warranty and assets needing repair etc. All of this information can be accessible by the authorized user on a central enterprise server that allows the management to check in the nearest display terminal, to help make well-informed purchase decision.

Contracting & Project Management System